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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Benefits of Wearing Sunglasses

I always wear sunglasses!
And I am fond of wearing the BIG ones...
Some of my friends used to label me as the "Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis" of the Philippines because of my big sunglasses. While I just smile about it, there is really more into it than just being the JK...I did not even know about her wearing big sunglasses. LOL

Summer is here...and time to bring those sunglasses out! 
Let me share with you several benefits in wearing sunglasses...and trust me I'm not trying to hide every time you see me wearing one...especially a big one!

1. I can't stand having dry eyes...and most of the time when we are outdoors, the wind just make our eyes dry...and sometimes itchy. Sunglasses, especially the wrap-around the eye style block the wind and the dust and whatever it more dry-eye syndrome! :)

2. Goodbye to annoying glares! I don't have to squint through the sunlight because sunglasses reduce its garish glare. This leads me to number 3.

3. Less squinting and less eye strain means lesser fine lines around the eye area! This also allows your eyes to be more relaxed and less stressed. 

4. And finally, it make me look good and feel good. Yes they are good accessories and they help me hide wide shut eyes...LOL

So folks...bring out those cool sunglasses and start wearing them.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Advantages of Condos

I used to think for many years that buying a house is way better than purchasing a condo. My point of view has slowly changed within the past years. There are actually several advantages as to why purchasing a condo is better than a house.

Getting a condo means getting a package. What do I mean by that?
with the resurgence in urban living, it is quite practical to now to get a condo than a house. Most of the time condos are usually located in urban areas where everything is in walking distance...restaurants, shops for instance are within a mile radius.
Getting a condo means your unit's security and maintenance is packaged with the whole building...this upholds the quality and at the same time making the cost acceptable. For instance, investments on security are being shared by all condo opposed to you investing them all by yourself in your house.
Another thing is for people who are so offer convenience and low-maintenance don't need helpers nor gardeners to maintain them for you. :)

Where am I going? Well...I am looking around for condos in Fisher Island. Shhhh...I'm not explaining. If you are looking around for condos may want to take a look at Las Olas Isles.

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Serial Entrepreneur

The pen name that started it all!

Michael Masterson, has led countless individuals to success.
His Early to Rise newsletter helped these thousands of individuals achieved their financial goals. His different exposures to areas such as information publishing, retail furnitures, public relations, career advancement and even sports and fitness are one of the keys to his being a successful entrepreneurs.

But I believe what made him a "serial entrepreneur" is his ability in taking just about anyone with a single desire to upgrade his or her lifestyle, despite whatever background one has, and transforming that person in to a top-notch copywriter.

He's mentored other copywriters and had taught them how to generate millions of dollars in sales every year...even fresh graduates with no experience at all...even housewives!

If you are interested in transforming your lives, then give it time, meet Michael Masterson!