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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homemade White Teeth Recipes

We all want shiny white teeth right?! But then it's not that easy to have specially for people who smokes and for coffee drinkers like me.

For most people shiny white teeth means good health and good hygiene. Something we all want to. So comes the question, just how do we get white teeth?

Generally people have this done by their dentists. This process can take time and can be costly. Some would also opt to buy other teeth whitening products...but as costly as they can be, they don't guarantee quick results.

This week I'm going to share some helpful tips in getting that shiny white teeth.

Firs and foremost, let's discuss first the causes for teeth discoloration. While out teeth are not really colored white, some factors contribute in making its color dull and too yellowish than normal such as --

- Drinking too much of tea or coffee (This is something I'm guilty of!)
- Drinking of red wine
- Intake of foods having residual pigments
- Chewing of beetles leaves and tobacco (Not so common nowadays.)
- Too much smoking is another cause for discolored teeth
- Some of the medicines also cause stains on the teeth (This we may not have a choice.)

So if of those things are inevitable we are best with just one follow some regimen that will combat those and will help manage discoloration of our teeth. One important thing is to make sure you brush your teeth or rinse them well after food intake...or even liquid specially if they have caffeine on it.

And though I've said it here, allow me to say it again --I encourage you to get to know about Oil Pulling. This ancient Ayurvedic technique is actually a good alternative for oral care.

And then you may try any of the following --

  • Rub table salt on your teeth and rinse it off with water after a few minutes.
  • Make powder of dry orange rinds and massage your teeth with it.
  • To replenish the mineral content of the teeth and hence getting back the whiteness, you can use sodium bicarbonate as a tooth powder.
  • Prepare a mixture of ½ tsp of baking soda, ½ tsp of vinegar and a pinch of table salt. This recipe when done will look like a paste. Apply this on your teeth and wash after a few minutes. It will make your teeth bacteria free and stain free and is a very effective homemade teeth-whitening recipe.
  • Another wonderful homemade teeth whitening recipe is to prepare a mixture of ½ tsp of baking soda and 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide. Apply this mixture on your teeth not more than twice a week as this is bleaching your teeth which you can only do so much for sometime. Though you may feel some irritation on your gum it won’t harm your teeth and gum.
  • Sprinkle baking powder on the half cut lemon. Then apply it gently over the upper and lower teeth for one minute each. After that brush your teeth with toothpaste. Do not use this recipe for more than once a week.
That's it. Very easy to follow right? More than anything they are just readily fact they're all can found in your kitchen.

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