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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Office Makeup Tips

Makeup plays an important role in creating professional look for to corporate dressing of course!

Today I will share quick makeup tips which I find handy for years now. Though I am a lover of makeup, you will rarely see me "painting my face" with too much color. I believe that makeups are there to enhance and bring out our asset and never to make us look like a different person altogether. Wearing makeup at work can help us look a way that we look neat, well groomed, and confident. Thus wearing makeup at work should done within the framework of certain criteria, making sure we do not overdo it. We should be able to strike a good balance to create a good image.

Here are few steps I take everyday before going to work!

I moisturize! Though it's given that I always apply body lotion...what I want to emphasis here right now is facial moisturizer. After bath I always apply moisturizer all over my neck and nape...these are with sunscreen protection too! (For those who tends to have oily spots like the T-Zone area, you may want to blot with tissue papers those areas after application.)

Next is get a natural-looking base. I usually get a contemporary foundation-and- powder-in-one mixes. This gives me 2 great results, a nice finish and it allows an easy quick retouch anytime.
Now for my eye shadows I always try to match with the colors of my clothes...and most of the time I tone them down rather than playing them up. I always find eye pencil very convenient and long lasting. I also make sure I use a waterproof/ smudge-proof mascara. I am always meticulous when I shop for mascara...they have to define lashes without clogging them up. (As the eyes is the window of the soul so they say, I will write more about eye makeup tips this week!)

I put blush on occasionally and when I do, I make sure they are kept at the minimum. This is something I think one can skip...

Finally...lipstick. I'd say everything can be sum up with your lips. This defines our character...our boldness and level of confidence. Lipsticks are mostly "effective" when they are in strong, matter hues and so are more assertive with shades like burgundies, deep or true reds, rust browns and shades within this family of colors. I try to avoid paler shades at work, more so when they are glossy or frosted. (I think they're only best when I go for a walk or go shopping with the IT Guy on a lazy weekend! LOL) more thing! Your nails! Make sure they are neat...manicured or at least polished. A transparent top coat is already enough to give your hands that important cared-for look. Remember we extend ourselves when we shake hands...and raise that glass for a toss!

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