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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beauty Tricks for Busy Women

Only one word can best describe how may days have been - BUSY!

If you're a reader of Mariposa's Tales, then most likely you know that I just moved to a new city to set-up a call center which I will head myself. For the two (2) weeks I've been working for 10 to 12 hours a day. I have not had the time to visit any salon since I came here a month ago! Can you believe that? Worst I left my manicure set at home so that means I can't do much with my nails. A week ago I managed to buy some stuff but still didn't find the time to do my nails. But doesn't mean that Mariposa is looking horrific right now. No way. I will not let that happen. It's a good thing I have some speedy beauty tricks that I have known to work all my life. Let me share with you some of my secrets --

Skin Care

* You can hydrate you skin faster as early as in the shower. Just use your hair conditioner to massage your entire body (and I mean literally from neck to toe!). I find this more effective especially when you have no time to apply body lotion. Take note that lotion takes time to be absorbed by the body and if you are in a hurry, you may not have the time to rub lotion all over that body.

* To take up that oil and refresh makeup, just mist your face with some toner and then pat it with tissue. Sometimes, I just pat it with a wet tissue in fact. Then I finish it with by dusting loose powder.

Hair Care

* Sprinkle translucent power over your roots and comb it through to remove that grease look in your scalp and hair.

* If you are really in a hurry, do the T-zone blow dry trick: down on your part and then around the hairline only. Once the front and top of your hair looks done, so will you!

* Want to flatten those frizz? Dampen your hands with water and a drop of hand lotion (which I presume you always carry in your purse), then gently pull your hair back into a french twist. Take your strands down in about 10 minutes, and hurray, fuzz free!

* You can always resort to the ultimate easy style - ponytail! Just pull your hair back haphazardly with your fingers and spritz with hairspray, then twist a stray tendril around your hair elastic and then pin.

Makeup Tricks

* Go pretty in pink! If you think concealer is a universal solution to imperfection, you may want to pair it with pink. Wearing lipstick in warm pink gives that glow that distracts people from seeing blemishes and other imperfections. I swear it works for me...go try it!

*  Eyeliner is one of the fastest way I found to look sexy,  Just trace your top lash lines to just past the outer corners of your eyes.

* Want to look alive after a long night? Ha! Trust me with this one, I've been in a night shift for years now and I can go to any breakfast meeting without them knowing I've been up the whole evening. To do just pat concealer unto the inner corners of your eyes, under your lower lashes and next to your nose. You can finish by applying bronzer over your cheeks.

Nail Care

* This is what's keeping me up all this time. As most of my friends know, I can't stand horrific nails. My quick and easy trick is just to remove all polish, clean under your nails (with lemon juice, if you have it) and massage the thickest lotion you can find (lip balm will suffice in a pinch) into your cuticles.


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