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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tips on How To Wear Contact Lens

About a month ago (just below this post) I was complaining about how I couldn't imagine myself putting on my contact lens. Guess what?! I've been wearing them everyday for the past 20 days! And I am loving it. Far better than wearing eyeglasses. I am so grateful we have contact lenses.

My contacts are the soft type and they are for extended wear, which means I can sleep with them on my eyes. But still I do not do this at all. I am just too cautious with my eyes right now that I want to do maximum care on them...especially now that I am wearing contacts. 

Let me share with you some tips which I really find useful for me --

* Never wear your contact lens for 24 hours. Even if it is an extended contacts, take it when you go to bed...Let your eyes breathe.
* And if you happen to sleep with them on, when you wake up, try to put some eye drop (the ones recommended for contacts to offer moisturizer) and let it stay a bit before removing them. When we are sleeping the contacts tend to block the oxygen in our eye making the cornea dry and this is at this time that the contacts get to stuck to the eyeball the most. Thus we need to lubricate it before removing them.

* Make sure your hands are always clean you put on or remover your contacts. 

* I always put on my contacts after I wash my face but before I apply my make up. And I remove my make-up before I remove my contacts.

* When I am outdoor I always use sun glasses with good UV protection when I am wearing my contacts as our eyes are more vulnerable with the contacts on them.

* Do not share your contacts with another person! 

Those are simple things I always remember when I am wearing my contacts and so far I don't have any discomfort with it. WOOT!

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