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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Run Your Way to a Better Memory

Here's another reason why you should not miss out on those runs daily, or why you should start the habit of running ASAP: Researchers have proven that it can enhance memory! The benefits of running are no strangers to those in the world of fitness, but scientists have finally proven its effect on our memory in the cellular level.

In 2010, Neuroscientists at Cambridge University have presented that running stimulates the growth of gray matter in the brain, leading to the growth of hundreds of thousands of brain cells that enhanced memory. Today, another research published in Cell Metabolism have shown that muscles secrete a protein, known as cathepsin B, and is transported to the brain, a direct link in exercise and memory function.

In the study, cathepsin B levels spiked in students who ran in a four-month exercise regimen and they were able to perform better in a given task to measure their memory. Those with the best performance in a memory task were shown to have the highest levels of the protein.

How Cathepsin B affects your brain

The cathepsin B protein have a notorious reputation as it was first known to be secreted by tumors and is involved in the formation of amyloid plaque in the brain of those with Alzheimer's. Other studies have proven that it is actually neuroprotective and can clear these amyloid plaques. Further studies have been set out to know the mechanisms of this protein in crossing the blood-brain barrier and how it activates neural signaling and growth.


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