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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fingernails Care Tips

Not all nails are created equal!

Nails are just another type of skin, and just as skin varies from one person to another, and so are nails. Though not everyone may have nor may want long nails...certainly we all do need healthy and beautiful looking fingernails.

Healthy nails are easy to have. Through a well-planned regimen of diet and grooming, we are on a sure way to having beautiful and healthy nails.

Here are few easy tips on how to achiever and maintain beautiful and healthy nails --

1. Watch your diet! This means making sure we have enough in take of Vitamin B, calcium and protein. Taking multivitamins also ensures that the body gets enough vitamins. You can check on your
recommended dietary allowance to be sure.

2. Protect your hands! When doing some chores like cleaning, washing dishes or working in the garden wear rubber gloves to protect your nails and hand from chemicals and dirt.

3. Moisturize! Because nails are just another type of skin, moisturizing them regularly is very important in achieving and maintaining healthy nails. A daily application of nail lotion goes a long way.

* Don't overuse nail polish remover. Do not apply polish remover more than once a week if you can help it. And make sure to use acetone free polish remover. Acetone is a strong chemical that can leave your nails dry which eventually weakens the nails.

4. Trim cuticles once a week. You can trim them carefully with a cuticle clipper after applying cuticle softening cream. You can find several specialized cuticle cream in cosmetic stores.

5. Clip your nails regularly. Nail clippers now comes in different sizes and forms making it convenient for us to clip our nails. Nails can be clipped in a rounded or squared shape. The pointier the tip of the fingernail the greater the risk of if to break off.

* I personally recommend the ones with wider clips to accommodate the nails thus avoiding cracks due to clipping. I also favor square nails over the rounded tips as it gives my nails more durability in cases of tapping it into something.

6. Let your nails breath! Give nails a break from polish as often as possible as nail polish leaves nails dry and chip.

* I only wear polish on weekdays when I'm at work and make sure my nails are in nude all weekends.

If you have anything to add to these tips, please feel free to drop your comment. I also welcome guest writers on topics of Health, Beauty and Wellness!

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