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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunburn Remedies

I got busy and has neglected this site!

We just had a kickass vacation (just a skip tip to the southern part of Cebu!) last May 1 and thanks to Agnes and Erwin for being such a great hosts!

Sandbar...a marine sanctuary between Toledo City and Pinamungahan...the locals call it Camp Plabo.

The Escapades!

Here is me and the IT Guy enjoying the sun...the sands...the water!

I will post more photos from this vacation at Mariposa's Tales.

The Remnants...

Enjoying too much of the sun, gives you sunburn! LOL

IT Guy seemed to enjoy the tan and first! Then he started complaining about the pains...the itch and all.

So let me share with you some skin care tips...

First of all...wear SUNSCREEN! There are different types of sunscreen depending on your skin types. For us Asians especially us Filipinos...we are not too sensitive to the we tan easily and well for my case and IT Guy...unfortunately we peel off too!

And it is important to remember that if you want to get a good tan do it gradually! I suggest don't go tanning beyond 15 minutes...

For my case...ha I cheat sometimes, I use Jergens Natural Glow! LOL

Next is, protect your eyes...wear eye shades with UV protection!

And finally if sunburn is really unavoidable or you got them already...let me share with you the following natural remedy tips for sunburn!

♥ Put cold water on the burn...lie in a cool bath. Applying ice pack also reduce the pain or tingling sensation.

♥ Use oatmeal. Place oatmeal in a bag, run a cool water through it, and save the water. Throw away the contents of the bag and use the water in compresses. You apply every 2-4 hours.

♥ Massage Aloe Vera or tea tree oil on the affected area. The inner gel of the Aloe Vera leaf speeds up the healing of radiation-induced burns. (So glad we have plenty of Aloe Vera plants in the garden.)

♥ You can also apply plain yogurt to the affected area. Or you can make a paste of cornstarch and water to apply.

♥ DO NOT apply any product which has alcohol, mineral oil. coloring. or waxes in it.

And don't forget to drink lots of water...take Vit. E...and get enough sleep! Those are keys to having a beautiful and healthy skin.

I'd like to thank Mom for the above remedies...Mothers really know best!

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