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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Nail Care Commandments

Most readers in my main site, Mariposa's Tales know that I have long nails and that I am a sucker for nail polish...though my love for my nails prompts me to always make it a point to allocate time for my nails to be nude.

Not all people can have long nails and would like to have one. Yet everybody would love to have healthy and good looking nails...short or long. correct? So for this week, I will be sharing with your different nail care tips as well as do it yourself nail grooming tips.

Let me share you some basic tips on nail care, I got this wonderful nail care tips in an email and I can't seem to trace online who is the author of this...

The Nail Care Commandments

  1. Thou shalt not get dehydrated.

    Drink plenty of water and protect the nails from fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Use a good nail conditioner and sealing topcoat to finish the job.

  2. Thou shalt not let your skin dry out.

    Use a good hand lotion to moisturise hands and cuticle area. The right fragrance can make all the difference.

  3. Thou shalt eat right.
    Proper diet is as important to nail care as it is to the rest of the body. Calcium or iron deficiencies may cause irregular nail growth and tell-tale white spots.

  4. Thou shalt improve blood flow.

    Blood flow around the nail bed brings the nutrients that allow healthy nails to grow. Massaging in hand lotion is an excellent way to stimulate blood flow into the nail bed.

  5. Thou shalt not forget thy gloves.

    Wear gloves when doing cleaning tasks either in the house or garden. Extra moisture tip: put a tiny bit of sweet almond oil on the hands before putting them in the gloves.

  6. Thou shalt not use acetone.

    Using harsh chemicals like nail varnish remover more than once a week can be very damaging to nails and surrounding skin. Use acetone-free remover.

  7. Thou shalt not use fingernails as tools.

    Do not use fingernails as replacement Swiss army knives. Use proper tools for the job.

  8. Thou shalt not bite thy nails.

    Nail biting is a difficult habit to break. Nail grooming can be an effective way to relieve the temptation to bite. Nail polish serves as a visual cue to keep from biting.

  9. Thou shalt keep thy hands healthy.

    Fingernails serve as a barrier to infection. Untended hands quickly show wear and tear.

  10. Thou shalt keep hands clean at all times.

I will posting more on this topic!


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