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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Common Cold Home Remedies - Part 2

This is a continuation of my previous post on Common Cold.

As promise here is Part 2 - Homemade All Natural Remedies for the Common Cold!

- Do not ignore a cold and drag on with your work. As soon it develops—go to bed, drink fresh lemon juice in water, and settle down to getting well!

- Avoid chills, get adequate bed rest, and take a little salt to replace that lost in sweat

- Take vitamin C as much as you can (up to 5,000 mg at a time) In acute cases, 1,000 mg of C every other hour. Also take bioflavonoids (200-600 mg), small amounts garlic. (along with vitamin C, it is an excellent germ fighter), vitamin A (50,000 units for not more than one month; then down to 25,000 units), calcium lactate or gluconate (6 tablets), brewer's yeast, B6 (100 mg; it is a natural antihistamine, as well as providing helpful protein), vitamin E (600 units), betaine hydrochloride, zinc gluconate lozenges, and vitamin F (unsaturated fatty acids) reduces the frequency and duration of colds.

- In acute stages when fever is present, the person should abstain from all solid foods and only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices, diluted (50-50) with water, plus herb teas. (I usually sweetened my drinks with honey!) Herb teas can include rose hips, golden seal, chamomile, peppermint, slippery elm, and ginger.

- Drink potato peeling broth twice a day. The peelings should be one-half inch thick (throw away the centers). Boil it for about 20-30 minutes; strain, cool, and drink. Make it fresh every day.

- Eucalyptus oil is helpful. Put 5 drops in a hot bath or 6 drops in a cup of boiling water. Put a towel over your head and, without burning yourself, inhale it.

- Take a lot of liquids.

- Gargle three times a day with saltwater (1 glass of warm water with 1 teaspoon of salt mixed in).

- Take a hot shower.

- As soon as the crisis subsides, let the person have some protein and other food. A low calorie raw fruit and vegetable diet is ideal.

And remember...prevention is always better than the the best way is to lessen the chances of catching cold by boosting up the immune system. It can be done by proper diet, vitamin in take, exercise and rest!

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