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Monday, June 15, 2009

Homemade Lip Balm

It's been raining here the past days and I need something to moisturize my lips other than occasionally wetting it with my tongue which just ends up drying it more!

Most people when exposed to cold temperature gets dry lips and at worst chappy lips. Now there are people also regardless of the weather or temperature they're exposed to do get these. Other common reasons could be nutritional deficiencies and sometimes allergic reaction to toothpaste, mouthwash (and to women sometimes from lip gloss and lipsticks!). A slight percentage can also be attributed to skin conditions which really requires serious medical attention.

For chappy lips which are just in need of moisturizer...I have a homemade lip balm recipe which I got from my grandmother!

Before I present my simple formula, let me share with you the following facts about lip balm, lip gloss, and chap stick! I know some people confuse the three as the same but the three means three different thing.

A lip gloss is used to add shine or a touch of color...

Chap Stick is used to well...heal chapped lips.

And a lip balm is used to keep lips moisturized!

And below is an easy step in making your own lip balm --
Warm 1 cup of almond oil (I sometimes use sunflower oil as I have it handy for my Oil Pulling!) in a double-boiler. Stir continually. Add 1 Tbsp. of beeswax. Then add 1 tsp. of the following: vanilla extract, honey, vitamins E oil, Aloe Vera gel. While hot, stir as you pour it into its container. (You can buy small containers with cover.) Close tightly.

The lip balm will soon harden and is ready for use.

I find this one very nourishing to the lips and I always carry this with me especially during summer!

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