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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Homemade Facial Scrub

In my post Treating Enlarged Pores I mentioned there that one key to help keep the pores clear and less apparent is a mild exfoliation. So to continue with our topic on face treatments I'd like to share with you homemade facial scrubs recipes. These are cost-effective and all natural. More than anything they are easy to prepare and are available in your kitchen!

Here is a general procedure to do a facial scrub --
  1. Pull hair back into a ponytail, or just tie it anyway you want.
  2. Wash face thoroughly.
  3. Scrubs are most effective when the skin is soft and its pores are open. To do this, steam face over hot water (if you do not have a face steamer) or simply press a warm cloth to skin for a few minutes.
  4. Apply the SCRUB you just prepared to face avoiding the eye area. (You may include the neck ares if you want.)
  5. Optional: Use a facial loofah, sponge, or brush to maximize exfoliation.
  6. Rinse off with warm water.
  7. Savor the results!
SCRUB Preparation - Sugar Honey Scrub

If you have tried a body sugar scrub, you know how amazing they are. Work the same magic on your face!

1 tsp. of honey (I use olive oil when I run out of honey!)
1/2 tsp. of brown sugar

Blend honey and sugar in a bowl. Apply as step # 4 in the above described general procedure for facial scrub. Rinse very thoroughly, as this recipe can be slightly sticky.

Another variation which I also love is using mashed papaya instead of honey.

Mash a piece of papaya, then add 1/2 tsp brown sugar and rub your face with it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse well. It leaves skin fresh and glowing!

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