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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedge Shoes for 2010!

Though I admit I'm a big fan of high heels, lately I can say that nothing can beats the comfort that wedge shoes offer. Though its that high heels add a few inches and confidence to women, wedges shoes still give any women that heightened confidence with comfort!

Yes, wedges are a very comfortable alternative to high heels which can wreck havoc on our feet if we are on our feet all day long. They now come in all styles and trends from the casual chic to the corporate finish. And the very recent pair of wedge shoes I got are very light, and most of them are, contrary to what others presume that they are heavy and hard to drag.

If you have seen Christian Dior Spring 2010 shoe collection, it featured only one style which was meant to suit for both the season and the outfit created. Wedges seemed to be the top preference of Christian Dior.

As of now I have about 4 pairs of wedge shoes, this one is the recent addition to my collection!

Happy Wordfull  Wednesday!


  1. I agree! I think wedges are super comfy!

  2. I love them and they might be comfortable for 10 minutes or so, but I could not imagine wearing them longer then trying them on walking to the mirror to see how they look. I don't really want to be taller. I dawrf most everyone I spend time with already.

  3. I love wedge shoes, they are so comfortable!