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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Beauty Tips

Any beauty resolution for 2010? Resolved to look better? We all know that "you ware what you eat" stuff and drinking more water, moisturizing the entire body, using sunscreen and what have you right? So what are those good intentions we should really be making and putting into our list for 2010?

Well let's keep the basic and let's keep it simple. From laying a good foundation to rethinking our  haircare regimen, regrowing versus plucking one's brows to keeping a long lasting perfume, let's take a look at top beauty details we all should be sticking to this year.

1. Use make-up that's kind to your skin!

Yes, it's now time you take a look at your make-up and examine closely if they are kind, gentle and good to your skin. If they're not, then it's time to switch to a healthy product, such as mineral make-up. This type doesn't clog the pores and let your skin breathe and is good for sensitive skin. You may also want to check the content if it has talc as some people are allergic to it!

In choosing a foundation,you may want to include primers in dealing with uneven skin surface, open pores or oiliness. I usually apply a primer after a light moisturizer before I apply my foundation. You can check out Estee Lauder Spotlight Tone Perfector for a luminous skin and Avon Magix Face Perfector to have a lovely matte smooth finish!

2. Take care of your crowning glory.

I already wrote about haircare tips in the past, and you may click on it for some basic tips. In addition to that, let me share with you some ticks of using hair treatments the right way for better shine.

When you apply treatment, always do it after you shampooed but before you put your conditioner. I know most of us do it the other way around. This works best because the shampoo roughs the cuticles of the hair leaving it naturally shaft open letting the protein from the treatment to penetrate deeper. Applying the conditioner after the treatment slick the cuticles of the hair back down this giving a nice gloss and shine.

3. Regrow those brows!

I've seen so many women who have overplucked eyebrows and it can really add you years. Nothing beats a healthy defined brow framing your face and can certainly takes years off your look. Go strut for that fuller look with attitude, people would LOVE that!

If you have overplucked your eyebrows, no problem you can try some applications to help it regrow fast like, Adonia BrowRevive.

4. Dress up those nails!

A clean and well groomed nails says a lot about a woman. Here are some nailcare tips I wrote last year! Other than keeping a healthy year, 2010 is about going bold, so if you want to dress up that nails, go get that reverse french manicure! This was all over the runways from Tracy Resse to Christian Dior, remember?

A reverse french manicure is basically any color other than the traditional pink, with a contrasting tip, let's say a darker tip like black. (I remember I used to do neon green for my tip when I was in college, that was like the late 90s!). So have you decided what color to use for those tips?

And if you don't care for long nails, now worries! There is one getting the most popularity, the half-moon manicure, which was seen on several Fall runway shows- this is a darker nail with a neutral or white half-moon painted at the base. This can be done to any nails regardless of length!

Of course Mariposa starts the year with the right nails!

It was quick and easy to do! I did mine in less than 10 minutes. After spending my last day of the 2009 at the kitchen, I managed to dress up my nails before New Year's eve. This is the half moon manicure, I chose a platinum base and a perfect red color from Elizabeth Arden to cover the rest of the nails. I LOVE it!

5. Make it linger...

Yes, you can make your perfume last longer! Instead of reapplying perfume, just add a little baby oil to the areas where you apply your perfume. Of course, make sure the baby oil is unscented so it doesn't clash with the scent of your perfume.

6. Spring clean your make-up and make-up kit!

It's time to throw those old make-ups you've been keeping for years. Remember I wrote about make-up shelf life before? Yes, they do expire and once beyond their shelf life they won't do you any good. Though it will not kill you, it might cost you a lot going to the derma to fix whatever irritation it will give you.

Also you need to make over your brush collection. Applying make-up has also a lot to do with using the right brush and make-up applicator at the right time. Trust me once you have the right tools, it can save you time and do wonders! (I always invest on good make-up tools and I'm telling you it's really worth it!) And more than anything, always make sure to keep your brush, and other make-up applicators clean.

7. Get enough beauty rest!

Beauty rest is not only about sleeping and getting some proper beauty sleep. Other than the number of hours sleep you may also want to switch from an ordinary pillowcase to silk! I know I have mentioned this before, a silk pillowcase not only keeps the hair from breakage once rub against the fiber of the pillowcase while sleeping, this is also a great anti-agers because it has similar pH level to our skin. This allows our skin to maintain its natural moisture levels which means the skin doesn't get to dry out as much at night thus minimizing creasing and wrinkles. Silk also let our skin breathe and is hypoallergenic and while other fabrics wipes out your night cream, it let is penetrates the skin. Ever thought why most night gowns are made of silk? If you can invest on one, a pillowcase should not be a problem right?

8. Sort out those skin problems!

One can just imagine the impact of the state of the skin has on a woman. And not just to on women, but to most of us I believe. So I'd say never take any skin issues lightly no matter how seemingly minor it is. Visit your derma at once and attend to it. Improve your diet, avoid any source of irritants and never be afraid to avail of new technology to treat skin problems.

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