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Thursday, February 4, 2010

13 Health Benefits of Apples

Let me share with you 13 Health Benefits we can get from Apples.

1. Apple contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins that can strengthen the blood.

2. Study shown that by eating 100g of apple can give an antioxidant effect that equal to taking about 1,500mg of vitamin C. Thus it strengthens the gum aside from cleaning the teeath.

3. Apples are good for the bones! French researchers found that a flavanoid called phloridzin that is found only in apples may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density. Boron, another ingredient in apples, also strengthens bones.

4. Apples offer Asthma Help. One recent study shows that children with asthma who drank apple juice on a daily basis suffered from less wheezing than children who drank apple juice only once per month. Another study showed that children born to women who eat a lot of apples during pregnancy have lower rates of asthma than children whose mothers ate few apples.

5. A study on mice at Cornell University found that the quercetin in apples may protect brain cells from the kind of free radical damage that may lead to Alzheimer's disease.

6. Apple helps lower Cholesterol. The pectin in apples lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol. People who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol by as much as 16 percent.

7. Apple helps prevent lung cancer. According to a study of 10,000 people, those who ate the most apples had a 50 percent lower risk of developing lung cancer. Researchers believe this is due to the high levels of the flavonoids quercetin and naringin in apples.

8. Breast cancer can also be fought by apples! A Cornell University study found that rats who ate one apple per day reduced their risk of breast cancer by 17 percent. Rats fed three apples per day reduced their risk by 39 percent and those fed six apples per day reduced their risk by 44 percent.

9. Apple prevents colon cancer. The skin of Apple contain pectin that can help remove toxic substances from the system by supplying galacturonic acid. Pectin helps prevent protein matter in the intestine from spoiling. Study shows that the pectin in apples reduces the risk of colon cancer and helps maintain a healthy digestive tract.

10. Apple say no to liver cancer. Apple contain malic acid and tartaric acid, that can help prevent disturbances of the liver and digestion. Research found that rats fed an extract from apple skins had a 57 percent lower risk of liver cancer.

11. Apples help manager diabetes. The pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body which lowers the body's need for insulin and may help in the management of diabetes.

12. We can lose weight with apples! A Brazilian study found that women who ate three apples per day lost more weight while dieting than women who did not eat fruit while dieting. The insoluble fiber found in apples is responsible for a host of other benefits such its "filling" effect, making it an effective appetite supressant.

13. Nutritive Values : Per 100 grams

    * Vitamin A : 900 I.U.
    * Vitamin B : Thiamine .07 mg.;
    * Vitamin C : 5 mg.
    * Vitamin G : Amount uncertain
    * Calcium : 6 mg.
    * Iron : 3 mg.
    * Phosphorus : 10 mg.
    * Potassium : 130 mg.
    * Carbohydrates : 14.9 gm.
    * Calories : 58

I hope you all learn something today. I did and I will never look at apples the same way again.

Happy Thursday 13 everyone! 


  1. I am dieting again and eat at least one apple a day. I love cutting it in slices to dip in yoghurt. Yummy! Happy T13!

  2. then it's really true, An Apple a day, takes the doctor away! :)

  3. I love apples. I like to hear good things about them. Happy TT!

  4. I LOVE APPLES!!!! Especially with peanut butter :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. Mmmmmmmm, not to mention using dried apples in my granola snacks. I do so love apples. Great list.

    My 13 is listed below my Thursday Thunks...scroll down a bit on my blog entry. It's all about odd surnames and their origins today ---like Suess, etc. Here they are I'm going through the Mr. Linky right now, so if you've stopped by already and I didn't know.......thanks for the visit.

  6. Wow ! that's very interesting especially for me because I eat at least 2 big apples per day but most of the time even 4 ! So if all this is true, I will become over 100 with strong bones and a strong brain and enter the Guiness Book of Records, what do you think ?

  7. I guess I need to eat more apples.

  8. Oh good, because I have a bunch of apples in the fridge right now.

  9. Heh. I just had an apple for lunch! Smeared with peanut butter. That was lunch. Yum.

  10. I'm guessing that this means I should eat the apple I brought with me for a snack today.

    - Celticlibrarian

  11. I love apples, especially gala apples. Apples are also good for your teeth. I remember reading when I was a kid that the saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' should really say keeps the dentist away. It's a natural teeth cleaner, if memory serves.