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Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Sweets

For a change I am doing Friday Food Trip here. Hopefully, moving forward I can do it here every other week, just to have an alternate venue of this fun weekly meme!

We started the week with a bang with our Chinese New Year celebration and for this week's food trip, let me share with you some its remnants!

These are dried fruits and crops, you have here dried sweet potatoes, dried sweet plums, dried pineapple jelly and some jelly candies.

We have also some pack of chocolates! 

Which the nephew claimed some! Hehehe

And you can its content here. A perfect energy booster! LOL


Okay, they may not be food, but well in my book, anything I put into my mouth and swallow, falls under that category.

Happy weekend to all!


  1. love the colors of dried fruits, they're too pretty to eat.:p

    ah, candies--who would say no to those?

  2. You are right about instant energy thing. I used to stash some chocolates or breakfast bar in my mini-van just for that. When DH found it he eats them whenever he uses my vehicle. I stopped stashing it after that. It was for emergency I told him, and he always says "this is emergency, I want sweets"...:)))

  3. Who says that those are not food?They look like a food,and I'm sure they taste like a food too. :)
    Food Trip Friday

  4. I ,ove the jelly candies in the first pic.

    Basta makain mommy Willa food yan hehehe.

  5. Ahhh sweets, my husband and son's weakness!

  6. hhhmmm... i can imagine how much energy those sweets brought your nephew.. LOL.. those are indeed FOOD!!!

  7. was here,, love your site..xlinks tayo?

  8. I love dried fruits esp. Mango and pineapple.

  9. those dried fruits are yummy! i like them on baked goodies as well :)

    thank you for the visit and till next Friday!