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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Views Magnified


 The world can be viewed in many different ways,
    depending on the type of glasses we choose to wear,
    happy or sad ones, blue or red ones, or….

~ Master Jin Kwon

Most of my readers specially at Mariposa's Tales know that I sometimes wear eyeglasses. What most don't know is that those are only anti-glare glasses. My only problem then was my eyes not being able to adjust right away to light. The past months I notice that the blur around me specially with lights on are progressing. So that when I go to the mall I couldn't see clearly most of the signage there. This caught my attention most specially when I traveled to Manila alone. Boy, I couldn't read what's in the board. Apparently announcements are usually written on this LED light, right? Well all I could see then are light and blurry texts! Goodness! 

Last weekend the IT Guy couldn't take it any longer and forced me to have my eye checked. Whooping 1.25 and 1.00 power on each eye. IT Guy was so kind to get a nice cute lavender Claiborne frame and a polycarbonate lens for my eyeglasses. (I promise to make a post about polycarbonate lenses!) A bit pricey but worth it! Now, I just have to wear it everyday of my life. Scary!

So now I have my eyeglasses and it's a bit scary because everything I see seems magnified and way clearer. Scary because I couldn't believe I've been walking partly blind the past months now. And I have to tell you, the feeling of everything around you being magnified is not nice feeling at all! LOL

Now I am slowly becoming conscious with my eyes and my eyesight. I have to take care of it, like really take good care of it. The only advantage to wearing eyeglasses which I could think of right now other than having my view magnified is that, it will let me do a dramatic removal of it. 

Happy Wordful Wednesday everyone!


  1. Haha, "dramatic removal" of glasses --I used to do that! With a toss of my hair. :)

  2. This i so funny. I recently went thru this same process. I was amazed at how much I actually needed glasses. The world is so much clearer now :)

    Your new glasses are fabulous!

  3. They look great on you! I remember when I first got glasses. It was like a new world opened up for me. :)